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Tabrez Rubberwala – Sana Heights

Tabrez Rubberwala – Are you looking for a home to boast about amongst your friends and yet having to pay a reasonable price? Tabrez Rubberwala presents to you the most classic example of affordable luxury in the form of Sana Heights. Located in Gurgaon, Mumbai, Tabrez Rubberwala Sana Heights is spread in 0.065 Acres of land. It is built by Mumbai based builders, Tabrez Rubberwala housing and infrastructures. This company is headed by Mr. Tabrez Shaikh as the chairman of the company and Mr. Parvez Shaikh, the managing director of the company. Tabrez Rubberwala has been successfully running this company over the past decade and has gained a lot of good reviews and a happy family of customers. This company is just improving ever since its start-up, and the reason for this is the extremely affordable homes by Tabrez Rubberwala. We care for you and your pocket and thus help you live your life in the home you always dreamt of without flushing your bank account.

Sana Heights: The high tech blend of modernity

The project of TabrezRubberwala’s Sana heights is wrapped with extravagances turning your lifestyle comfortable and flawless. The principle idea of these apartments is to offer solaces, exquisitely designed accommodations and freshness of a new era.  Located in a prime location in Mumbai, TabrezRubberwala‘s Sana Heights is a brilliant masterpiece in the world of luxury residences. These residences hold a mirror to the architecture and lifestyle of a culture that people crave for these days. The magnificent grandeur of these apartments is unmatched. Located in a prime location, this creation by Tabrez Rubberwala offers great connectivity to almost every part of the city of dreams. Sana Heights is absolutely the best choice for people who are looking for a 1 bedroom, hall, and kitchen apartments (1BHK).

Spacious and pocket-friendly living solutions

More often than not, people complain of 1BHK being like a rat hole, they complain about these homes being too compact and not at all ventilated. While this is true for other apartments, but this problem meets a solution at Tabrez Rubberwala‘s Sana Heights. These spacious and airy residences offer the highest quality interior finishes and masterfully appointed spaces. The 1BHK of Sana Heights is divided into two-floor plans. One of the floor plans is 1 bedroom, 1 hall, 1 kitchen and 1 toilet, whereas the other variant is 1 bedroom,  1 hall, 1 kitchen, and 2 toilets. World class schools, hospital, choicest restaurants, coffee shops, shopping markets, and Malls are in the vicinity of this classic apartment by Tabrez Rubberwala. The apartments are designed to make the eyes widen in astonishment and heart flutter in excitement. Sana Heights is equipped with the entire array of world-class luxury amenities, life here in Tabrez Rubberwala‘s masterpiece would be as luxurious as it will be beautiful.

Conclusion – Every inch of this gigantic creation exudes elegance and pure bliss. We take absolute proud in presenting the undoubtedly best apartments with the promise to be the perfect abode for you and your family to build a life upon.


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